A plan pushed by John Kerry to invest vast sums of American taxpayer money into a “climate reparations” scheme will have no impact on the environment, energy experts are warning.

Kerry, Democrat President Joe Biden’s unregulated “climate czar,” is pushing for billions in U.S. tax dollars to be pumped into the scheme to allegedly “save the planet” from “global warming.”

However, several leading energy experts reportedly told the Daily Caller that the money will do little more than fund discussions about the globalist green agenda.

Officials and green agenda bureaucrats from underdeveloped countries have called for a so-called “climate losses and damages fund.”

The plan will see taxpayers from Western nations that have historically emitted high levels of greenhouse gases, such as the United States, funnel huge sums of money through unelected globalist organizations to compensate developing and poor countries for the claimed effects of “climate change,” according to Axios.

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