Real technologies or sci-fi narratives?

Your favorite president has apprehended a dangerous disease agent, for which we will have many beautiful vaccines much sooner than Fauci said. And therapeutics! As soon as we finish the DOMAINE thingy, which, like an obedient little Ouija board will magically spit up remdesivir. Notice Redfield in the back can’t quite keep a straight face…

I don’t know where that pic was taken, and for all I know, those are coffee stains on paper. This describes our clown-infested reality pretty accurately.

The use of disease as a weapon is thought to date back to at least the Middle Ages, for example, when the Tatars (partially my ancestors, yay) used catapults to hurl plague victims over protective walls of the city of Caffa. Use of blankets from smallpox victims in order to expose Native Americans to smallpox is also well publicized. I don’t know of many historical accounts where this produced a decisive advantage in a war. It was always a psy-op and fear tactic, while brutal military force was required to actually win wars.

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