The YouTube video is very interesting. Kahoma Village is a new development. This person appears to be a real estate professional (Maui Exclusive Real Estate). I don’t know why he was allowed to go in and make this video, and it is entirely possible that he is also part of some sort of information management campaign. He shows interesting features such as his neighbors trashcan was intensely burning, but did not generate much damage at all. He also shows charred keypad cover from the garage opener, and nothing else damaged around it.

He also makes claims about downed powerlines, an we know that’s not the cause of the second devastating fire as the power was turned off by HECO. He also makes claims about newer construction materials as the explanation why his house and most of the development didn’t burn. At the same time, the low-income part of the same development (built with the same new materials and no overhead powerlines) did burn to smithereens. Wow. Strange, right? Only the housing made for workers went kaput. At any rate, his video demonstrates the extreme selectivity and precision and other anomalies of the fire very well.

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