April 2023 Newsletter – Issue #95
Thou Shalt Be Exactly the Same as Me – Joseph Khoury
Status of Fired Faculty Members Pending Arbitration – Peter Bowal
The Corruption of Higher Education – Sinclair A. MacRae
Questions or Conformity? Reading Rights for the Right to Learn – Amy Girard
Should Universities “Foster Respect” for Indigenous “Ways of Knowing”? – Frances Widdowson
What is Anti-Racist Mathematics? – Philip A. Sullivan
Locke, Newman, Free Speech and Academic Freedom – J.R. Werbics
Indigenizing Science – Mark Mercer
Wonder, Courage and Toughness of Mind: A Review of John Agresto, The Death of Learning – Lorrie Clark
The Wages of Critical Race Theory: A Review of Jonathan Butcher’s Splintered – Kris Larsen
Harming while Seeking to Prevent Harm: A Notice of From Oversight to Overkill – John Mueller
To Make Academic Freedom Popular Once Again: A Review of Olivier Beaud, « Le Savoir en Danger» – Jean-Jacques Defert
A Professor Emeritus Visiting the University College at Western University – Heinz-Joachim Klatt
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