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Executive Summary.
After three years of drug manufacturers and regulatory agencies insisting the COVID shots were safe, study findings by independent scientists now demonstrate that certain modified-mRNA shots may meet or exceed regulatory standards for “adulteration” with DNA fragments. In the case of the Pfizer/BioNTech product, these fragments appear to include DNA of a particular sequence (SV40 origin-enhancer-promoter) which is biologically active in animal cells. The presence of SV40-derived DNA fragments was not fully disclosed by the manufacturers to regulatory authorities.

This lack of transparency raises serious questions about how these fragments and specific DNA sequences escaped regulatory consideration, and why the presence and risks of significant amounts of SV40- and bacterial-derived small DNA fragments were not discussed by the manufacturers in documents submitted to regulators. The study’s findings have been replicated by other scientists prompting several international medical organizations to call for the immediate recall of all COVID shots.

To be clear, these studies have not found either full-length SV40 DNA, SV40 virus, or the cancer-associated SV40 “Large T antigen” sequences among the contaminants.

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