The Future’s So Bright – Bibi Gotta Wear Shades

Listen to Benjamin Netanyahu (below in this short video) talk about he purposefully used his own people as experimental lab rats during the pandemic. How he sold Pfizer on the idea of using the jab in Israel first – so Pfizer could collect data on an unknown, experimental product. That is was possible for Pfizer to do this experiment on an entire population because of the great digitized medical record keeping by the government, going back twenty years.

Bibi then goes on to theorize about the possibilities of using his own people as lab rats for other clinical trials in the future, because the possibilities of combining a a population’s medical records and DNA database are endless. Think of the money to be made, the biotech companies flocking to the new biotech nirvana: Israel. The Future’s So Bright – Bibi Gotta Wear Shades.

All it requires is the arbitrary removal of rights of the Israeli people. Which Benjamin Netanyahu did by selling out the Israeli people to be the lab rats of Pfizer, so that Israeli citizens could be “first” to get the jab…

This is the future folks.

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