Creating cognitive dissonance is a tool to control the masses

How they program your mind…

Let’s examine a recent article relating to an important news story. That story being that the Supreme Court has stayed the injunction until Sept 22nd of the Missouri v. Biden case. The injunction resulted from a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana.

To refresh, the Biden administration appealed yet another loss involving the Missouri v. Biden decision, after both the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and a lower court found that the administration had colluded with Big Tech/social media companies, such as Twitter (X) to censor Americans- a breach of the first amendment.

In theory, as Sept. 22nd has come and gone, this seems to imply that the injunction is now back in place, but there has been no direct coverage of this issue in corporate media. Which in turn implies that there has been no statement on this by the Supreme Court or discussion in the official SCOTUS blog.

However, we have had a proactive strike by “The Hill” relating to this topic.

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