US HHS Bureaucracies try to have their cake and eat it too!

One of the key lessons of the COVIDcrisis is that the US Federal Health and Human Services (HHS) arm of the administrative state is, at a minimum, grossly incompetent. As I repeatedly observe, it is really hard to tell the difference between incompetence and malice unless you have the receipts (or can read minds), and the US HHS response to the COVIDcrisis provides multiple textbook case studies to illustrate the point.

From Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci and their flip/flops and repeated lies, to Rochelle Walinski (hiding the myocarditis adverse events and so much more while lying to press and public), David Marks (FDA Vaccines oversight), Janet Woodcock (Operation Warp Speed), the list goes on and on down the permanent Senior Executive Service ranks all the way to the Government Service 12 rank employees who have been enablers rather than whistleblowers.

These “servants” of the citizen/taxpayers of the United States are sworn to uphold and defend the US Constitution, but they see themselves as the permanent Imperial government, as opposed to the “temporary employee” elected officials who theoretically supervise and manage them. Again and again we have all seen that these “permanent employees” are almost never held accountable for their actions, and cannot be removed from their posts (even by POTUS) without years of legal battles. Which is why Trump tried (and almost succeeded) in reclassifying them as “Schedule F” employees.

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