The MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis (MRC GIDA) at the Imperial College of London is a “WHO Collaborating Centre for infectious disease modelling.” This is the organization supporting the modeler Dr. Neil Fergusen. He is the one that published the apocalyptic prediction of a case fatality rate of 3.4% for COVID in 2020 – which governments across the world used to justify lockdowns. This modeling was faulty – more than that, it was irresponsible and it resulted in great world harm to publish such a demonstrably false number.

The Imperial College report was also the basis for much of the modeling used by COVID Act Now (a non-profit run by Democratic activists) that local and state officials in the U.S also relied on. This then led to “shelter-in-place” mandates (madness). COVID Act Now has is an online mapping tool that generates models predicting coronavirus hospitalizations, which have also already proved to be wildly inaccurate.

Jessica Hamzelou at New Scientist documents the systematic errors researchers and scientists found with the modeling by Neil Fergusen/MRC GIDA COVID Act Now relied on:

Chen Shen at the New England Complex Systems Institute, a research group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his colleagues argue that the Imperial team’s model is flawed, and contains ‘incorrect assumptions’. They point out that the Imperial team’s model doesn’t account for the availability of tests, or the possibility of ‘super-spreader events’ at gatherings, and has other issues.

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