Swiss Lawyer Philipp Kruse provides a comprehensive summary of mRNA “vaccine” regulatory failures and lies

On July 14, 2022, Philipp Kruse filed a carefully worded comprehensive legal complaint against the Swiss Regulatory authority known as Swissmedic for their role in enabling deployment of the COVID mRNA “vaccines” into the population of Switzerland. On 28 March 2024, the complaint was refiled with substantial updates and amendments. This complaint provides a comprehensive summary of the case against the official regulatory positions and activities promoted by Swissmedic, which closely parallel those taken by the US FDA, Health Canada, the European Medicines Agency and most other national regulatory authorities.

Swissmedic is the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products. More precisely, Swissmedic is the Swiss surveillance authority for medicines and medical devices, and is registered in Bern, Switzerland. Swissmedic fulfills a Swiss federal mission similar to the US HHS Food and Drug Agency (FDA).

Key complaints detailed in this filing include the following criminal acts, which appear to apply equally to many other national regulatory authorities:

Criminal acts performed by Swissmedic

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