New findings of DNA in 27 vials of Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines constitute a legitimate, indeed urgent, reason to pull the mRNA products from the market, experts on Covid vaccine science agreed in public comments at the Summit for Truth & Wellness conference Saturday October 21 in Rochester, N.Y.

The presence of DNA fragments in the mRNA injections raises the unsettling prospect that a foreign genetic material, derived from E. coli, will enter and influence vaccinee cells in unpredictable and harmful ways. While the possible repercussions are unclear, such vaccine “adulteration” is itself an extraordinary breach of the manufacturers’ duty to report all components of vaccines for regulatory review, said members of an expert panel at the conference.

“There are grounds for immediate pulling of the product,” Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist who worked in mRNA vaccination development, told a packed house of about 850 attendees. “Adulteration has always been one of the key parameters that would result in withdrawal of a product from the market.”

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