Transcript included with video:
…..For the past four years, we have been witnessing the implementation of a criminal plan of word depopulation, achieved through the creation of a false pandemic and imposition of her false vaccine, which you now know to be a biological weapon of mass destruction, designed with the aim of destroying the immune system of the entire population, causing sterility and the onset of deadly diseases.
Many of our friends and acquaintances have died or been severely damaged by the adverse effects of these experimental gene serums.
Many have discovered too late that they have been the victims of a global plan with a single script and a single direction.
What is even more serious is that this new Malthusian project of mass extermination, to which is added the will to control each of us through graphene oxide nano structures, has been announced to us for some time by those in the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum who conceived and implemented it….

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