Two female darts players from the Netherlands have dropped out of the Dutch Women’s Team in response to the participation of a trans-identified male. Aileen de Graaf and Anca Zijlstra sent shockwaves through the sport after they both announced their departure, with the women no longer wanting to form a team with Noa-Lynn Van Leuven.

Zijlstra issued a statement revealing she would be stepping back after Van Leuven dominated the Women’s Series tournament yesterday, beating Zijlstra 4-0 and seizing the Series Title 2 from Ireland’s Katie Sheldon in the final round.

Zijlstra issued her statement on Facebook, writing:

“With pain in my heart… The moment I am ashamed to play for the Dutch Team, because a biological man plays for the women’s team, it is time to go. I have tried to accept this but I cannot condone this. I believe that in sports there should be an equal and fair playing field, which should be used and accepted in good faith. After all, we have worked so hard to be relevant and competitive in this sport,” she said, with the writing being translated from its original Dutch.

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