The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) cited a castration forum in their most recent standards of care, which hosts child sexual exploitation fantasies and videos of “gender affirming” surgeries used as pornography. One of the members of the forum, known only as “Gelding,” performed clandestine genital surgeries for sexual pleasure.

As previously revealed by Reduxx, WPATH, which creates medical guidelines for the ‘transitioning’ of children, previously collaborated with academics involved in a castration fetish forum known as the Eunuch Archive. The online community hosts and produces sadomasochistic erotica featuring the castration, sexual torture, and rape of children. Transgender lobby group WPATH linked directly to the site’s Fiction Archive in a 2021 release of their Standards of Care version 8, but had been working with academics representing the interests of forum members since as early as 2009.

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