A trans activist assaulted a 52 year-old woman last weekend during a protest against gender ideology being taught in Canada’s school system. Tara Smith, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, was attending a demonstration opposing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curricula in schools in Nanaimo, British Columbia, when a trans activist punched her in the face.

Smith described the events leading up to the attack during a live stream yesterday hosted by Solid Ground, a campaign group which provides peer support for those concerned about “social justice ideologies.”

“I was alone, and the groups were pretty small. The gathering was in front of City Hall. Trans activists were on one side of the street, and there were parents and mostly grandmothers on the sidewalks on the other side,” she said.

Smith estimated that there were approximately 50 individuals in the group of trans activists, about double the number of women she was standing with. While she held a sign reading “get the cult out of schools,” other women held up similar slogans, such as “let kids be kids.”

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