In a press conference on October 28, 1994, Dr. Robert Willner jabbed his finger with blood taken from a known AIDS victim to prove that HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), if there really is such a thing, cannot be transmitted from one person to another. He had done this numerous times before other audiences and also offered to give $100,000 to anyone who could show any scientific document that proves HIV causes any serious diseases. He did not contract AIDS and never received any such document.

Dr. Willner is relentless in this presentation and makes a compelling case for the conclusion that, although AIDS is real, it is not caused by a virus or any other pathogen. It is merely a list of about twenty common conditions (such as malnutrition and cancer) that were relabeled as AIDS to generate the appearance of a pandemic caused by a mystery virus that can only be treated by highly toxic and insanely expensive drugs and vaccines.

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