Assurances to stop the funding of censorship and centrally-controlled currencies have failed.

A $1.2 trillion spending bill just rushed through the House of Representatives in the US has enabled allocation of funding to what would have been prohibited recipients/policies.

This includes earmarking money in support of censorship efforts, a US CBDC (central bank digital currency), and vaccine mandates, among other things.

In a series of posts on X, Representative Andrew Clyde singled out examples from the 1,000+ page document, which was published early on Thursday giving members of the House less than 24 hours to decide on how to vote.

Clyde was one of the Republicans who held no punches in slamming the bill as a result of backroom deals, saying that what he referred to as “the Swamp” (i.e., Washington) is about to bankroll some “catastrophic policies” with huge amounts of money.

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