Assange has been granted an appeal if the US doesn’t make several provisions.

In a preliminary victory against censorship, Julian Assange has been granted a temporary lifeline in his legal battle to avoid extradition to the US. A recent ruling by two judges allows the WikiLeaks founder the possibility of appealing his case. However, the option to escalate his appeal is contingent on the lack of necessary assurances presented to the court by the governments of both the US and the UK.

Victoria Sharp, the president of the king’s bench division, and Justice Johnson have asserted that Assange has a reasonable chance of winning on three of the nine grounds he had presented. Despite this, the judges opted to defer the decision on Assange’s leave to appeal application. This move was designed to allow respondents an adequate opportunity to provide the needed assurance on pertinent matters.

In a written judgment released on Tuesday morning, Sharp elaborated on the potential decision-making process. She said that if the respondents failed to adequately supply assurances, the leave to appeal would be granted without another hearing. In contrast, if assurances were given, additional input would be requested from both parties before a final decision on the appeal application is made.

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