New disclosures show massive politicization of federal law enforcement

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revoked whistleblowers’ security clearances due to legitimate security concerns, reported the New York Times and the Washington Post last spring. The FBI agents who testified about FBI abuse of power before the House Judiciary Committee in May, the New York Times claimed, “do not meet the definition of whistleblowers.”

The FBI penalized those agents, agreed Democrats, for valid reasons, including their support for January 6 rioters, and they used the House hearing to pursue a politically motivated “vendetta against the FBI.” They “are not, in fact whistleblowers,” Democrats said.

But now yet more FBI employees have come forward to make protected whistleblower disclosures to the House Judiciary Committee. The new disclosures, which Public obtained copies of, suggest that the FBI’s Security Division has knowingly retaliated against at least one whistleblower and is improperly using security clearance investigations to single out others.

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