Whether you like what I write about or not, whether you are for or against oil, gas, nuclear, coal, Pipeline Online is real, legitimate news media in Saskatchewan and Canada, accepted within the legislature during press gallery events and anywhere else. Just like CBC, CTV News, Global News, Regina Leader-Post or the Brierpatch, for that matter. Real news, providing real coverage, as protected by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Apparently Facebook thinks so, too, because it just started cutting off some people’s access to Pipeline Online news links.

The morning of June 14, one person at Kindersley reported that Facebook is now cutting off posts from Pipeline Online. “In response to Canadian Government Legislation, news content can’t be viewed on Facebook,” said the screenshot. “You can no longer share or view news links or content on Facebook, including news articles and audio-visual content. posted by news outlets. You can no longer see links or content from any news page outlets, even if you search for them or previously followed them.”

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