In order to transmit or “shed” the Covid mRNA encapsulated lipid nanoparticle and/or the transcribed spike protein product, dissemination to organs and body fluids must occur. Does it? Answer: Yes.

OK, so in Part 1 of this series on Covid mRNA vaccine shedding, I provided evidence that:

The FDA and the EMA define the mRNA vaccines as gene therapies.

The FDA requires that gene therapy products undergo human shedding studies given the known risks of shedding

Shedding studies were not done because, even though the vaccines are gene-therapies, they legally fell under the legal definition of a “countermeasure” in a public health emergency. Countermeasures do not require shedding or other types of safety studies before mass use.

All we know is that from a FOIA obtained document, Pfizer did a shedding study on rats but we don’t know what they found.

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