The point of these “Reports From the Front Lines” posts is to bring to life all of the accumulating data of the mRNA vaccine’s toxicity and lethality. I am trying to relate what it is like for those professionals who are “awake” and “on the ground.” I believe the below will well manifest the lived experiences and observations of appropriately trained and concerned citizens during this historic pharmageddon.

In the below, I will share numerous “anecdotes” compiled from my ever-expanding network of contacts, colleagues, confidants, patients etc. I have no reason to believe any of these observations or reports are anything but reflective of their reality/truth. I understand that an anecdote is an anecdote. But a 100 anecdotes.. is a 100 anecdotes. And so on and so forth. You know what you can do with your pharma-conducted randomized controlled trials.

A large number of these observations come from “My Spy On The Inside” who I will call “MSOTI” below. Recall that she is a veteran ER-ICU nurse in a major academic health center. She knows pretty much everyone there; hospitalists, specialists, sub-specialists, nurse managers, blood bank technicians, department directors, IT experts, hospital administration, you name it.

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