With the investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer, we are again trying to get the public and government’s attention to focus on the “inexplicable” (yeah right) rates of death still being recorded.

I really don’t know how much worse it can get yet still be ignored by health and governmental authorities the world over. But it is bad, like really bad, and it ain’t just the U.S.

John Campbell and Ed Dowd and MP Andrew Bridgen are trying to do the same with the insane excess mortality rates being measured in the U.K. In a rare “win,” Andrew told me that he has successfully scheduled a hearing on UK’s excess mortality in the House of Commons (a hearing that they scheduled for the aptly named “graveyard shift” (i.e. last spot of the day on a Friday when all the MP’s try to get out of dodge).

I don’t know what else to do but.. to keep trying. Here is our latest attempt, published in the Washington Examiner:

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