To: Defective Medication Reporting Centre (DMRC)

To the regulators at the MHRA,

Please be advised that this is an open letter intended to inform both yourselves and the public.

I write to you with a pressing concern surrounding the contents of the mRNA vaccines, which were presented to the FDA by Mr. Kevin McKernan on June 15th, 2023. Mr. McKernan possesses significant expertise, with 25 years in the genomic space, an extensive history working with the Human Genome Project at Whitehead MIT, over 57,000 citations, and several patents on PCR and sequencing.

Mr. McKernan reported the discovery of expression vectors for the mRNA vaccines remaining in the vials. The unexpected presence of the expression vector exceeds the stipulated guidelines set by both the EMA and the FDA. Mr. McKernan underscored the grave implications of this discovery, referencing potential risks such as interferon responses and the possible DNA integration into the genome. Please refer to page 116 of the official FDA document for a transcript of the presentation, alternatively you can review the presentation as it was live streamed.

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