Early in the manufacturing of mRNA for COVID-19 vaccines the companies used a slower process to make the mRNA from the DNA code of the Wuhan Spike protein. Late in the Pfizer trials, the company switched to a fast, mass production method using E. Coli to ramp up huge production of DNA from which the mRNA could be cranked out. Pfizer apparently used the simian DNA tumor virus SV40 (promoter and enhancer sequences) to upregulate the synthesis of the genetic code. These potentially oncogenic pieces of DNA should be dissolved with enzymes and washes in the mRNA purification process. Apparently the biodefense contractors making the products have manufacturing processes not up to GMP (good manufacturing practices).

The world has been very uncomfortable with the intentionally-left-blank product inserts in the vial packages and the lack of full ingredient disclosure by the companies and US FDA. Dr. Renata Moon hammered this home at the December 7, 2022, US Senate Panel on Vaccines.

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