The below article – as do so many things these days – got me thinking about how far we are down an extremely strange rabbit hole. Would someone who has been in a coma since 2015 (let alone 2000, or 1950) believe that these headlines were real?

Yes, this really happened in Canada.

Body integrity identity disorder is a VERY interesting and bizarre condition. It’s been known for many decades. A person with BIID comes to believe that they are “meant” to be an amputee. Or blind. Or deaf. Or wheelchair-bound. Some resort to chopping off their own limbs or digits. They believe they were “born in the wrong body”. Sound familiar?

We should not be shocked that there are now finger-choppers

But back to the 3-fingered fellow who stimulated this Substack. What kind of surgeon would amputate someone’s perfectly good fingers? A post-modern one, that’s who.

Agreeing to remove perfectly good fingers is just a short step or two down the same path we have already been travelling. A path of post-modern medical decision-making.

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