For anyone living in a cave or under a rock (which, given the state of the world in the last few years, seems like a very reasonable lifestyle choice), this case started with a group of litigants (including FSIM alumni Jay Bhattacharya and Aaron Kheriaty) suing the federal government for violating their free speech rights. Unlike a more overt dictatorship where reprehensible, dangerous truth-telling dissidents are jailed or killed, the censorship by Biden et. al. was more subtle. In our modern e-connected age, Biden’s minions simply “asked” social media sites to throttle or ban opinions that the government had determined to be too problematic.

The evidence that they did this is overwhelming and egregious. So much so that the lower court judge who decided against the government called the situation “Orwellian”. But as expected, the case was appealed and is now in the supreme court.

The government’s defence is not “We didn’t do it!”, but rather “We’re allowed to do it!”. Because, y’know, they have to protect the public. And how can they protect us if they don’t censor us?

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