More than four in 10 do not expect their lives to return to pre-pandemic normalcy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Four years after COVID-19 forced widespread shutdowns of businesses and schools across the U.S., 59% of Americans believe the pandemic is over. At the same time, about as many, 57%, report that their lives have not returned to normal, and 43% expect they never will.

National worry about contracting COVID-19 is near its lowest point in the trend dating back to the early days of the pandemic — although, as has been the case throughout the pandemic, Democrats express much more concern about COVID-19 than Republicans do.

The impact of the coronavirus on the public since emerging as a global threat in 2020 is evident in the finding that seven in 10 U.S. adults report having had COVID-19 at least once.

These findings are from a March 5-11 update to Gallup’s probability-based COVID-19 web panel tracking poll, which began in March 2020.

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