When U.S. President Joe Biden addressed the Canadian Parliament in March, one phrase caught my attention: “A country,” he said, quoting former president Barack Obama, “is never more optimistic than its president or its leaders.” It was a message that was evidently lost on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Since 2015, Trudeau has become Canada’s apologist- and fault-finder-in-chief. The gutting of our history and heroes from our passports is just another example. We are being remade as a country to reflect what Trudeau told the New York Times in 2015: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada, (we are) the first post-national state.“

The general sense given by Trudeau is that he loathes much of what we represent as a country — an odd sentiment from the person who’s paid handsomely to lead it. If the elected head of government will not stand up for our country and instead actively works to diminish our self-worth, pride and value, at home and abroad, we are surely in real jeopardy.

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