I interviewed Scott Schara, who is also known as “Grace’s Dad.” He and his family lost their lovely, ebullient, formerly perfectly healthy 19-year-old daughter Grace at an Ascension Hospital after she was admitted with COVID — and an unlawful “Do Not Resuscitate” notification was placed, against her family’s will, in her records.

Grace had Down’s Syndrome. She was also unvaccinated.

Grace’s family was told at one point that she had a dangerous 85% blood oxygen saturation — but Scott Schara had brought his own pulse oximeter into the hospital room and found that the level was actually 95%, or almost normal. However, Grace’s father said that he was escorted from Grace’s hotel room by an armed guard when he continued to question what he recognized as dangerous, if not deadly, hospital “COVID” protocols.

The Schara family faced relentless pressure to have Grace sedated, put on a ventilator — which they refused — and fed via a tube. At last, in spite of their daughter being stable and on the way to recovery, says Mr. Schara, Grace was placed on Morphine, Lorazepam, and other powerful opiates and sedatives. She eventually lost consciousness — which was predictable, given the inappropriate cocktail of end-of-life hospice-type treatments.

As her sister Jessica held Jessica’s hand and felt Grace’s body growing cold, Jessica, and the Schara family on FaceTime, were screaming, says Grace’s Dad, for a group of nurses outside the hospital room to come in and help. The nurses replied that they could not because “Grace is DNR.”

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