On Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy addressed the Canadian Parliament. Dressed in his usual military green coloured outfit, purely for the optics of reminding everyone he is fighting a war, Zelensky thanked Canada for its financial, political and military aid.

But then something odd happened. After Zelensky’s speech, Anthony Rota, the Speaker of the House of Commons, made a speech. It wasn’t the comparison of Zelensky with Nelson Mandela that was odd, nor was it the comparison with Winston Churchill. It was when Rota announced the presence of a “Ukrainian-Canadian veteran from the second world war, who fought the Ukrainian independence against the Russians” in the Chamber.

To this introduction, the Chamber, including Trudeau and Zelensky gave this veteran a long standing ovation. You can watch this moment at around 48 minutes in the video below.

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