As Israelis we demand an official commission into the events of October 7. Genocide is being perpetrated in Gaza in the name of Israeli victims and we still do not know who was killed, how they were killed, and who killed them. We demand answers and so should you.

Editor’s Note: The following statement was written by a group of Israeli citizens who want to remain anonymous for their safety and out of fear of government reprisal.

To our fellow Israelis,

We call to you from the fog of genocide. We grieve and we fret for “our own”, as well as those most of you ignore or regard as “animals.”

When Israeli military officials began spreading rumors through English-speaking Israeli media about “beheaded babies,” we were immediately struck. We realized our government’s propaganda would not be the same as it was in previous murderous attacks on Gaza.

While Israel continues churning out images of supposed ‘Hamas buildings’ in the Gaza concentration camp (what isn’t, in Israeli eyes?), to excuse their bombing, Israel’s domestic and international rhetoric now contains something much more akin to Nazi extermination propaganda.

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