This article was written more than 7 years ago, documenting the existence of a Neo-Nazi agenda in Ukraine which both our governments and the media categorically deny.

It was Ukraine’s MSM, namely the Kiev Post which published a carefully documented study on the Neo-Nazi Summer training camp for young children. Ironically, the article below which reveals extensive crimes against Ukrainian children, has been categorized as “pro-Kremlin propaganda”.

Crimes against Humanity against Ukrainian children: These innocent Ukrainian young kids trained and indoctrinated in the Azov summer camp in 2014-2015 are now (2023) adolescents, in their mid to late teens, recruited by the Nazi Azov Battalion to “Fight The Russians”.

A 2017 NBC Report entitled “Ukraine’s Hyper Nationalist Summer Camp for Kids” documents the existence of the Summer camps, where kids of 9 years old are recruited and later enlisted in the Azov Battalion.

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