This morning I received an interesting document: Pfizer 2022 Full Year Financial Report, which in my mind as an economist trained in correlation analysis raises some important issues.

There Are Two Pfizer Reports
One deals with Money, the other which is “confidential” deals with Mortality and Morbidity resulting from the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine.

The Full Year Revenues Report is a public document. It assesses Pfizer’s impressive “financial performance”. It is also intended to be consulted by potential investors, reported by financial analysts and the media.

The second is Pfizer’s “Confidential” Report which gives you a glimpse of the “performance” of Pfizers’s Covid-19 Vaccine: i.e. mortality and morbidity. Released in October 2021 under Freedom of Information.

You were not supposed to see it. And it is not reported by the media.

It is nonetheless in the public domain.

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