By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Mike Adams, source Global Research

We are currently at the crossroads of the most serious economic and social crisis in world history. It is an outright war against all humanity: the planet’s 8 billion people.

Starting with the corona crisis in late January 2020, the global crisis (2020-2023) –which is ongoing– has literally disrupted and destroyed people’s lives worldwide in the course of the last three years.

In turn, the dangers of a third world war are routinely obfuscated by the media. A world of fantasy permeates the mainstream media which tacitly upholds the conduct of nuclear war as a peace-making endeavor.

Everything is interrelated: the war in Ukraine, censorship and the derogation of fundamental rights, the Lockdowns and Covid-19 “killer Vaccine”, corrupt governments, … (Michel Chossudovsky)

This interview addresses the complexities of this global crisis.

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