While the Joint inquiry (under the helm of Bob Graham and Porter Goss) had collected mountains of intelligence material, through careful omission, the numerous press and intelligence reports in the public domain (mainstream media, alternative media, etc), which confirm that key members of the Bush Administration were involved in acts of political camouflage, were carefully removed from the Joint inquiry’s hearings.

In retrospect, the mission of Porter Goss and Bob Graham to Pakistan in late August 2001 (which was documented in my earlier writings) was part of the preparation of the propaganda campaign, with a view to sustaining the official narrative, i.e. “Al Qaeda was behind the conspiracy to bring down the WTC towers, Muslims did it”, etc., which essentially sustains the official 9/11 narrative.

The following text published by Global Research in 2002 provides details on the breakfast meeting hosted by Sen Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss on the morning of September 11.

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