Some detailed pieces on this sudden war (which may well help bring on a vastly bigger conflagration) conjointly raise some questions that we all had better face, whatever side we’re on (if any)

What might this war—started with the IDF as “unprepared” as the authorities in/over Maui a few weeks ago—have to do with the “vaccination” drives now surely killing more Israelis/Palestinians than the fighters on both sides can easily finish off (at least in the near future)?
(While Israel’s “vaccination” drive is widely known—at least to those with eyes wide open—the one forced by the Palestinian Authority on its subjects has received no coverage [that I know of]. I learned of it from a nurse in Gaza, whose family I’ve tried to help these last few years. She tells me that the Palestinians are not allowed to work unless they get the jab—a mandate that the bio-fascist Western “left” apparently supports.)

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