Also, a new European study of autopsies finds that “unexplained cardiovascular deaths in the vaccinated with no prior antecedent disease are likely caused by vaccination”
Those desperate to deny what’s going on—or paid to do so—like to claim that all those “sudden deaths” and crippling injuries worldwide prove nothing: that all such reports are merely “anecdotal,” with no “science” confirming what that overwhelming “anecdotal” evidence (which increases every hour of every day) has long since made quite obvious.
Those denialists (and, no doubt, bots) all saying it, however, doesn’t make it so. The science reconfirming what we’ve shown for some two years—we and many others out there—is, to say the least, abundant and precise, showing clearly that this man-made global plague is, as Dr. Fukushima put it, “affecting every possible aspect of human pathology—from ophthalmology to psychiatry.”

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