VIDEO 01 (Jan.13, 2024) (Chief Nerd on X):
Dr. Joseph Ladapo on Why He’s Calling to Halt mRNA COVID Vaccines:

‘It’s Absolutely the Correct Call’ “It’s a great thing that our cells are usually very resistant to the entry of foreign DNA. The problem here is that the other innovation that led to the receipt of the Nobel Prize recently. Is this thing called lipid nanoparticles…My belief is that it’s profoundly reckless to introduce something like lipid nanoparticles in the presence of contaminating DNA, that is almost certainly entering human cells and not do proper testing to ensure that there is no integration into human DNA, into our human genome…In the case of Pfizer, this is actually a special risk because they have been found, and this has been confirmed…Their vaccine has been found to have fragments of the SV40 promoter enhancer region

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