In the 13 months since Liberty Counsel’s 9-0 victory at the U.S. Supreme Court in Shurtleff v. City of Boston, where Boston illegally censored Christian viewpoints by denying flying the Christian flag in a public forum open to “all applicants,” the ruling has influenced the decisions of many city governments to not make the same mistake of favoring one group over another.

While Joe Biden called for the nation to “wave their pride flags high” in a recent proclamation, city officials in Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, and other states have opted not to raise “pride flags” on government flag poles. Instead, they are keeping those poles reserved strictly for traditional flags, such as the American flag, state flags, and the POW/MIA flag.

In Wethersfield, Connecticut, the city council voted 5-4 in December 2022 to limit what flags could be flown on government property. Mayor Michael Rell, who had previously supported raising the “rainbow pride flag,” voted this time not to allow it because he believed the ruling in Shurtleff could open the town to lawsuits if they tried to be the “ultimate decision-making body” for who can or cannot fly flags.

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