Fluvoxamine in combination with one other drug was 100% successful in preventing hospitalization for COVID in this multi-drug trial in Thailand. Those on standard of care: 37.5% hospitalized!

Executive summary
A new trial out of Thailand recently published in the medical peer-reviewed literature with 995 participants showed that treatment with fluvoxamine and at least one other drug was 100% successful in preventing hospitalization from COVID. For those receiving standard of care, 37.5% required hospitalization.

We presented evidence from multiple trials of the efficacy of fluvoxamine in early 2021 to the FDA in our EUA application, but they said that the benefits didn’t outweigh the risks and denied our EUA.

Their decision made no sense as the scientific evidence couldn’t have been more clear at the time.

Now, with this new trial result published, the FDA, CDC, NIH will continue to ignore this data, just as they have in the past. They will continue to recommend the unsafe and ineffective COVID vaccine as the only recommended treatment for COVID.

I predict that the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, and Gates Foundation will never inform doctors or recommend any of these highly effective and safe early treatment combination drugs; it simply doesn’t matter how strong the evidence is.

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