I’ve continued to analyze the US Nursing home data. It is devastating and it’s easy to prove that the data shows the truth: the vaccine made things worse.

In the 12 weeks before/after the second COVID peak, 3.43 sites got better for every site that got worse. Why? Omicron variant was less deadly. Just as expected for a less deadly variant.

In the 12 weeks before/after the vaccine rollout at the end of 2020 (12/27/20 center date), the ratio was 1:1 (same total number of sites got better vs. worse), but the aggregate numbers showed that odds were 1.66 on an aggregate case/death basis that things got worse.

Short story: this data behaves exactly as you’d expect and what it says is devastating.

The raw data shows a big, statistically significant signal showing the vaccine was harmful.

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