In March 2023, MIT Professor Retsef Levi disclosed a troubling figure produced by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This is unassailable proof the vaccines are killing people. Nobody noticed.

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The vaccines are clearly killing people. You can see that from the Israeli MoH data. But that data was first made public in a tweet from MIT Professor Retsef Levi on March 7, 2023. It made no difference.

The medical community and health authorities are simply inept or corrupt or both. You cannot have a 9X variation in Figure 2. That’s crazy. Any sane person would have demanded an end to the vaccine program immediately. How come everyone in mainstream medicine missed this?

Your risk of death monotonically increases from the time you get the shot, peaking at around 3 to 4 months after shot #2. For other doses, it just climbs and then plateaus.

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