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Shedding of exosomes, causing secondary vaccination to non-vaccinated close contacts is now a hot topic. Dr. Pierre Kory’s 8-Part Series on shedding of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines has supplied the world with a handle on this phenomenon.

I spoke to Dr. Paul Marik, who participated in the FLCCC November 1, 2023 Webinar on this subject. His comments were instructive in that we cannot just treat everyone preventatively.

Dr. Marik explained that we need more studies to define the parameters of shedding, such as who are those who shed the most? How long after vaccination do they shed? How close is the proximity required to experience shedding? Through what routes is shedding accomplished? Who is most vulnerable to shedding?

However, Dr. Kory and his colleague, Nurse Practitioner Scott Marsland are treating many hundreds of patients in their practice, and these include Long Covid, Vaccine Injured, and Shedding patients.

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