Since I first wrote about Microwave Energy, others like Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. Lee Vliet have sounded the alarm. And prolonged exposure to even 3G and 4G is linked with Glioblastoma – the same type of brain cancer my friend got. It is also caused Attorney Jimmy Gonzales’ brain cancer and death – but not before he alerted the public to this problem – the dangers of Cell Phone Transmission – through his testimony.

Keep in mind that Jimmy was never exposed to 5G. Older 3G and 4G cell phone transmitters only exposed human beings to 9,000 microWatts but switching to 5G technology led to an increase in radiation from 9,000 microWatts / m2 to a maximum of 1,690,000 microWatts / m2 – a factor of nearly 187.

If it took Attorney Gonzales 10 years of continuous cell phone use to contract his fatal brain cancer with 9,000 microWatts, how long do you think it would take if during every cell phone call, he was exposed to over 1.6 million microWatts? 187 times faster than 10 years comes out to only 19 days to get the equivalent exposure [10 x 365 = 3650 and 3650/187 = 19.5].

Now consider this. FEMA and the emergency broadcast system are conducting a broad test of the 5G network on October 4, 2023, and this will involve a 2-hour continuous microwave signal targeted to your cell phones, televisions, radio and electronic devices.

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