Deciphering the Globalist’s Plan

While writing about Turbo Cancer, I stumbled upon optogenetics, and I wrote a Substack featuring the research of Dr. Josep Jornet. Upon an attempted review of the comment that inspired that article, I noticed the comments on optogenetics and the commenter had been deleted from my Substack article.

This led me to some detective work, and although I initially could not find the comments or commenter anywhere, they were retained in my email. Was it the fact she mentioned graphene oxide in the vaccines? Was it that she asked readers to watch Ricardo Delgado Martin of La Quinta Columna discuss nanotechnology triggered by 5G? Or was it that she advised readers to follow Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea’s work?

I followed this writer to recommended links to other Substack writers which included Sasha Latypova, and Naomi Wolf. But above all, she advised readers to watch the research by Dr. Josep Jornet, and Jornet specializes in Nanotechnology, optogenetics and TeraHerz frequencies.

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