DNA Plasmids, SV40, and Optogenomics Allow this Now

Bill Gates now has access to our genetic source code, and with the mass vaccination program, he has the power to rewrite it. He and his associates have the power to remotely transhumanize anyone who has received the contaminated vaccine.

As incredible and alarming as this sounds, it is unfortunately true based upon the recent proof of massive DNA plasmid and SV40 contamination of Pfizer and Moderna vials recently revealed by Dr. Buckhaults.

We also now have found that through the process of optogenetics, 5G frequencies can remotely trigger the transfection process provided DNA plasmids and the SV40 promotor are already present. In those injected with the mRNA vials from Moderna and Pfizer, it is. EMF acts as a trigger to activate genetic sequences latent in the vaccines.

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