A few words on spider butts, (self-assembling) hydrogels and proteinaceous obstructions discovered in autopsies

A paper was published back in August 2022 entitled: “Spidroin N-terminal domain forms amyloid-like fibril based hydrogels and provides a protein immobilization platform”.1 It was published by a group out of Sweden and involves an investigation into the usefulness of spider silk proteins as scaffolding for biotech purposes.

The reason I am bringing this paper up now (and summarizing it) is because it was recently linked to our preprint about DNA contamination in the COVID modified mRNA products by a follower on Twitter. The reason it was linked was because of the mystery open reading frame (ORF) discovered in the plasmids snapgened by Kevin McKernan, and also discussed in the publication entitled: “Are There Hidden Genes in DNA/RNA Vaccines?”.2

ORFs are spans of DNA between start and stop codons. Start and stop codons are the triplets of bases (in messenger RNA) that command the commencement and ending of translation in a protein. Whatever that protein may be.

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