Updated version including VAERS data as of Sept. 15, 2023

There’s probably a reason why the original exclusion criteria list for the COVID-19 injectable product Phase III trials excluded breast feeding mothers and pregnant women. There’s also probably a reason we don’t want pregnant women to drink and smoke.

There is something I would like to bring attention to (and focus on) in this article: we must not lose sight of the fact that the original trials for the COVID-19 products were NOT properly executed and that all subsequent ‘trials’ are being piggy-backed off of the decisions made based on the ‘data’ from these original trials. EUA and eventual full FDA approval for these COVID-19 injectable products were granted under what most people would consider coercive and/or incentivized circumstances using absolutely anemic data.

Even in light of Brook Jackson’s testimony, since these trials had no control group due to the fact that the participants were unblinded and injected in the Moderna (by the way, when you click on the Moderna website link – ‘the page is not found’), Pfizer and Aztrazeneca trials, the data thereafter is meaningless and causation cannot be ascribed if AEs present. This is the whole point of doing a randomized controlled trial. If the participants are unblinded2 and injected during the trial, then the trial is ‘safe and effectively’ over. (Did you like that?) This is what happened: we have pathetic short term and NO long term safety data in the context of the COVID-19 products and thus no basis for declarations of these products being safe – even in the short term.

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