Is it science fiction? Is it real?

Once upon a time, well, actually on September 12, 2020 at 11:22:55, a post was made by an anonymous person on 4chan. 4chan has a really prolific and interesting history that I learned about whilst researching this article. It was started by a 15-year old boy in New York with the handle ‘moot’ as an imageboard (like a bulletin board but with images). It was a spin-off of a Japanese-based imageboard called 2chan, but translated into English and aimed at Westerners. Inevitably, like all things created by the hands of man, it had dark elements woven in. It has been referred to as ‘the Internet’s most trafficked imageboard’1 and does not have a registration system which means that users can truly post anonymously. Instead it uses ‘tripcodes’ – a type of pseudo-registration – which ensures that posters are not impostered.

Here’s the post and what will follow will be what I know about the things written about therein. Two important questions will be addressed: 1. Is this science fiction and 2. Is this real?

Quick answers: ‘No’ and ‘There’s no way to know at this point’.

Disclaimer: I am not a geneticist.

The post was written by a person who claims to have been an industrial engineer at Moderna, and also speaks for a Moderna process development engineer.2 Let’s call him: Sasquowatch. He makes point-form claims as to the differences between what we were told were in the shots versus what he claims are in the shots. Sasquowatch also states that he is sure Pfizer was playing suit. I am not sure exactly what he means when he writes: “It was hard putting things together based on the small quantities of additions happening in manual step (highly unorthodox for a continuous production)”, but I assume that he means that they ‘sleight-of-hand’ added what they were told were sensitive trade secret adjuvants somewhere, at some point, in the production line. I will get into this comment in the following sections.

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